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This captivating analogy illuminates the dynamic nature of electrical systems, where the flow of current embodies a reservoir of potential energy. Just as a moving mass gains kinetic energy proportional to its velocity, an inductor, carrying current, stores energy within its magnetic field.

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Engineering is at the core of who we are and the nexus of everything we do. We take immense pride in our engineering abilities, from crafting the perfect bends in our sheet metal to the algorithms in the embedded control software. It’s not just a skill set we’re looking for, it’s the passion for engineering we’re looking to honor. Discussing the nuances of electrical and mechanical analogies was a lunch conversation that turned into a billboard. Fun things like that tend to happen here. With an R&D facility on site, our engineering environment easily propels ideas born in the lab into production. Creative latitude is a feature of being an engineer at HindlePower.


Our products are used in nearly 70% of all utilities in the US, and what we make helps keep your lights on. Our team consists of electrical, software, mechanical, and manufacturing engineers. Their collective work always brings out something special, continually moving our company in the right direction. Working with us can be a great adventure. Hopefully, you’ll find it the perfect blend of teamwork and independence.   

If this excites you, we're looking for curious and dedicated electrical and mechanical engineers interested in hands-on innovation. At HindlePower, you'll have the opportunity to contribute your technical skills to projects that shape the future of power systems in the utility industry. If you enjoy working on innovative solutions, we welcome you to explore career opportunities with us.

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We're Hiring! Supply Chain Specialist

We are seeking a Supply Chain Specialist with experience in a manufacturing environment. The position is responsible for developing the supplier bases consistent with quality, pricing, and on-time delivery.

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We're Hiring! Manufacturing Associate

HindlePower is seeking a Mechanical Assembly Associate to join our team. Your primary responsibility is to assist building our product.

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